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We don't quit playing when we grow old, we grow old when we quit playing!

Why bike? A better question would be, why not? There are a lot of reasons to make riding a bike part of your life. Riding is healthy, it’s a great form of stress relief, it’s enjoyable, it’s an affordable and efficient means of transportation, biking can allow those of us who need to stay competitive the means to do so, and most of all biking can be enjoyed by young and old alike!


Lets Bike is a company dedicated to promoting the sport of cycling. We provide educational programs for schools, we organize road or trail rides, we offer classes on riding safely, instruction on how to ride or how to ride more efficiently, we organize and guide bike packing events, and we rent bikes and equipment for those interested in the sport. If you are interested in cycling, Lets Bike can help. For more info call Ray at 254 715-7070 or drop us a line at info@letsbike.org


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3505 Adeline Dr, Waco, Texas 76708, United States

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