About Us

Ray Lamb

“Lets Bike” is a family owned local business. Ray Lamb is the author of Cycling 101 and teaches Bicycling and Mountain Biking at Baylor University. He is an avid cyclist who competes in cycling events across the United States. Ray has competed at the Leadville 100, the Whiskey 50, the San Juan 200 from Durango to Moab, the Stage coach 400, the 2012 mountain bike Nationals in Idaho, 24 hour nationals in New Mexico, 24 hours of ole Pueblo, the TMBRA mountain bike series in Texas in which he won a state championship, the Hotter n Hell triple threat in Wichita Falls, 24 hours at Rocky Hill, and last but not least the Tour Divide-a race from Canada to Mexico with 200,000 ft of climbing over 3000 miles. Ray continues to push himself as a competitive cyclist.  

Wisdom from the Divide

We as individuals are awesome and capable of so much more than we think. When faced with adversity all too often we convince ourselves that quitting is the right thing to do. Quitting is never the right thing to do. There are multiple paths to success but each path starts with you accepting that as truth. Yes some ways are much easier than others but the tough paths are usually the ones that we learn the most from and the ones that tend to shape who we are and who we are to become. Excuses are just part of the brains way of helping us to avoid pain. Pain is simply weakness leaving the body. We have to change our mindset to one which says we will succeed in spite of our perceived limitations and that we all, though individually different in many ways, are born with all the tools we need. It’s the mind not the body that determines our success. Did I want to quit yes many times, was there ever a good reason to quit, yes many times but there was always a better reason to finish. The inner battles that we face will always be there but right alongside them is the inner strength that too will always be there. Never be afraid to fail. Trying and failing is always better that accepting defeat without a fight. It’s great to have a plan, it’s great to have help, it’s great to have unlimited resources, and its even greater the moment you realize you have always possessed all three. Pursue whatever you do with a passion, be significant, and believe in yourselves. There are many times when lesser athletes win the battle, a lot of David and Goliath stories, and it’s ok to be David. He is Lord

Ray Lamb

Always be thankful

I didn't start riding a bike until I was 52 years old yet I feel it has provided me with some of the most special memories of my entire life. There have been many who have helped and encouraged me along the way, Jon Pursley, Ian Moore, Matt Bates, Paul Gearhart, Dennis Smith just to mention a few but none have inspired me more than my good friend Fred Schmid. I have spent countless hours all over the country with Fred. We have raced up the Rockies at Leadville, climbed the fire roads in Utah, and enjoyed the backroads of Texas. We very seldom ride without it becoming a competition of some kind in which he most always wins… I have chiseled out a few victories here and there. Fred’s 84 years old and started riding at age 62. He has amassed 2 world championships and over 20 national championships as well as earning the title of the oldest man to finish Leadville in under 12 hours and receive a buckle. In spite of all his success Fred has always found time to ride with me, share his expertise with me, his beliefs with me and most of all to be my friend. I would say I aspire to break all his records someday but I get tired just listing them😊.