If you think perhaps you may be interested in taking up the sport of cycling for the first time or you simply want to learn how to ride more efficiently "Lets Bike" can help! We provide quality instruction in all areas of cycling. Topics cover areas such as; the anatomy of a bike, riding fundamentals, rules of the road, safety, changing gears, braking and steering, general maintenance, planning a ride, competitions, nutrition, proper bike fitting, and much more. We offer clinics on both mountain biking and road biking. Let us help make your cycling experience more fun! You can rent a bike from us or bring your own.  For more info call Ray at 254 715-7070 or drop us a line at

“Cycling 101” by William R. Lamb $34.99


$45 per hour for a group of 1-6 riders

minimum of 2 hours up to an all day ride. 

Each ride includes a brief clinic by the guide before the ride begins. If you don't have a bike or the gear you need we will provide it for the following fees.

Bike & Accessories


Accessories include; Hydration device, Map, Helmet

There's not a better or safer way to start enjoying Waco's beautiful Cameron Park as well as it's many scenic country roads than riding with our experienced instructors