Roads and group rides

Awesome gravel roads

We can organize a ride that will use safe routes through the beautiful Texas countryside. With stops for refreshments along the way, the rides can be challenging or simply a stroll. Rent a bike from us or use your own. 


Group rides

We also offer instruction for riding on the road. With the proper skills, the knowledge of your bike and how it works, and a good understanding of the rules of the road, you can bike with confidence on today’s busy roadways. 

Good times

Whether it’s for exercise, recreation, or a commute to the store or work cycling truly provides something for everyone.  


Learn to ride in groups

Our local community offers group rides for all skill levels. We will help give you the confidence and the skills you need to enjoy those rides.

Exercise and beauty


$55 per hour for a group of 1-10 riders

minimum of 2 hours. 

Each ride includes a brief clinic by the guide before the ride begins

Scenic country rides

If you don't have a bike, we got it! 

Bike only $20/ hour or $40/day

Bike & Accessories $25/hour or $45/day

Accessories include; Hydration device & Helmet